Excerpt - Thought traffic and how to avoid congestion

June 19, 2020

Rather than getting carried away with all of the thoughts that bombard us, it is sometimes possible to just watch your thoughts come and go by stepping back and observing them arriving and leaving, without getting carried away or hijacked by them.

This sounds simple enough, and whilst the idea is definitely easy to understand, it does take practise.

I reluctantly stuck with it, and it turns out that it is possible. After months of learning about Mindfulness and Meditation, I noticed that whilst I couldn’t stop the thoughts from coming, I could stop the way I interacted with them. In time, I’ve learned that I can’t control my thoughts, but I can stop them from controlling me. Rather than running out into the roads that fill my head, and trying to micromanage the traffic driving around, I now plant myself quite comfortably on a bench by the roadside, and just watch my thought traffic passing by.

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