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About mel

Well-being coach and content creator

Mel is a well-being coach and content creator, passionate about making a genuine and positive difference to peoples’ mental health.

“This was one of the most valuable corporate initiatives I have taken part in at work.”
– George P. Johnson

She coaches within the corporate sector, focussing on mental wellness in the workplace.

“I think it’s really good to do this sort of course in a work setting, with colleagues. I have explored mindfulness and CBT through other avenues, but because there is so much anxiety created directly or indirectly by our work, exploring that honestly IN our workplace feels really important!”
– George P. Johnson

The techniques learned are however relevant for all aspects of life – a corporate initiative that reaches beyond the realms of the office.

“The course was interesting and valuable both from a personal wellbeing and professional performance perspective.”
– Managing Director, Dalmore Capital
“I hope to use the skills I have learned for the rest of my life.”
– Sky

Clients range from investment banks to TV and media to charities. 100% of respondents to date have said they found the course extremely or very useful. 100% of respondents to date have said they already have / would recommend the course to others.  

“Life-changing. Thank you.”
– Resolis
“This course has been a game-changer for me.”
– Sky
Mel walking through some grass

Latest podcasts

Using meditation to focus the mind

September 3, 2023

A short excerpt discussing the use of meditation to help focus the mind and ‘sharpen your edge’.

The importance of balance

September 3, 2023

It’s harder now than ever to switch off from work when our homes have quite literally become our office…

Using breath work to manage cortisol levels

September 3, 2023

A short excerpt explaining how we can take conscious control of our breathing to help reduce our stress state.


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