Mel’s corporate courses focus on how to manage stress and anxiety in the workplace and in our lives generally.

“The course has been beneficial to me personally and professionally … I feel more composed and capable as I work through my daily tasks. Unsurprisingly, this makes me feel and act happier at the end of the working day and in my private life.”
– Investor Relations, Dalmore Capital

Courses can happen remotely or face to face, as group sessions or 1:1, and last an hour / week for a period of 8 weeks.

“The course was online, but it really felt very intimate and close. Mel overcame the physical distance excellently. Inspiring. Thank you.”
– Innocean Worldwide, Frankfurt office

Examples of concepts covered:
- Re-training the brain
- Taking a break from thinking
- How to be, rather than just do
- Working positively with negative thoughts
- The fine art of focus
- Learning to respond rather than react
- Creating headspace
- Emotional regulation
- Breathing techniques and mindful meditation practises to help with: anxiety, overwhelm, stress, sleep, concentration, creativity and focus.

Mel also runs corporate days, events and retreats and speaks at conferences as well as smaller, more intimate gatherings. Please see Events.

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Breath work


Mel’s training has been with MiSP, the most established and leading provider of school-based mindfulness with a reputation for delivering “world-leading curricula and providing the gold standard of mindfulness training for the classroom”.

The materials are supported by rigorous research in clinical psychology and neuroscience and succeed consistently with all types of children, regardless of age, key stage, academic ability or background.

"Mel is a warm, enthusiastic personality that really brings mindfulness alive and makes it more accessible and able to be part of everyday life. Giving your staff mindfulness training not only gives your staff the tools to be most effective in their jobs, it also shows you care about them as people.  I would thoroughly recommend Mel in her training of adults or children, and I look forward to working with her again."
– Head of Learning Support, Fosse Bank School
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Paws b

A 6-week course for children aged
7 – 11 years. Promoting well-being and resilience.


A 10-week course for 11 – 18 year olds which helps students to work with difficult mental states and cope with the everyday stresses of adolescent life.

.b foundations

This course aims to make mindfulness as accessible and effective as possible for staff, parents and other adults within the school community.

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