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“Mel is a hugely capable and talented individual. She has a lovely manner which can not fail to win over even the trickiest of people!

Always delivering to the highest quality… a real asset for anyone who is lucky enough to work with her”

JG, Saatchi&Saatchi

“The course has real value for anyone wanting to know more about why we react to day-to-day stress and behave as we do. Mel gives you the tools to put you in control through meditation and breathing techniques but more importantly bases them in science, so you really know why we react the way we do in different situations. Couldn't recommend Mel or the course more … the lessons and techniques I've learnt over the past 8 weeks will continue to be invaluable to me in the future.”

Executive Creative Director, CPB

“The course gave hints and tips on how to diffuse stressful situations and find the perspective required to positively re-engage. Understanding my own mental behaviour (and ultimately finding ways to train it) was both interesting and valuable from a personal wellbeing and professional performance perspective.”

Managing Director, Dalmore Capital

"Mel's sessions offer an informed, practical and compassionate approach to helping you cope, navigate and thrive in our frenetic modern world. With a balance of meditation practise, theory and group discussion, each week was varied and insightful. This was one of the most valuable corporate initiatives I have taken part in at work - thank you, Mel!”

"This course helped me discover the space within myself to better emotionally navigate my life and my working day. I learned different tools and practices to make the positive changes I wanted to make in my life. Mel is an extraordinary coach, engaging and empathic, she has such positive vibes and she indeed loves what she does."

Frankfurt office

“The course took me from a level of heightened emotions back to a safe place for me to be in mentally. It has taught me to manage my feelings of overwhelming stress / angst and to be able to relax through breathing exercises … a very positive contribution to my wellbeing. Thanks for everything Mel.”

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“This course has been a game changer for me.” (male)
“I didn’t just enjoy the course, I really NEEDED it” (male)
“Mel’s like a personal trainer for the mind” (male)
“The first glimmers of a new beginning, I feel lighter, happier” (female)
“I would recommend this course 100,000%” (female)
“I’ve really enjoyed this course and would recommend it to everyone” (male)
“The sessions run by Mel were excellent” (male)
“I loved every second” (female)
“A fantastic programme” (male)
“I hope to use the skills I have learned for the rest of my life” (female)

“The most immediate benefit for me was that I often get nervous ahead of TV interviews or hosting large webinars or live conferences. Learning some simple, practical breathing techniques to calm my nerves has been super helpful for my profile and my career.”

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