The Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation

Learning that we can physically change our brain (neuroplasticity) has been one of the greatest practical discoveries of neuroscience of the twentieth century. It’s also been one of the greatest discoveries of my life personally – I realised I wasn’t stuck with a brain that behaved in a certain way, instead I could re-mould it and re-train it to serve me better, making me feel both calmer and happier.

Say you were learning to surf, when you try to pop up (get from flat to standing), a new neural pathway is created that gives instructions to your body on how to perform that move. Doing it once isn’t going to make you a good surfer but practising that move over and over strengthens that neural pathway, changing your brain, making the move easier to perform, and making you better at it.

Well, this happens not just for physical actions; our brain also changes whenever we think or feel something repeatedly.

So, during our sessions together, we take a close look at our thinking patterns and behaviours and then learn how to do a bit of re-wiring… developing and strengthening new neural pathways that can positively impact our mental health and levels of happiness.

“The first glimmers of a new beginning, I feel lighter, happier.”
– Sky
“Having 1 hour in my week set aside for Mel's course was the calm that I needed in my busy schedule. Mel taught me invaluable techniques to control my stress levels and anxiety in times of need. I can truly say I'm loving my calmer mind and would definitely recommend Mel's course to anyone.”
– Sky
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