Excerpt - New Year, New You

June 19, 2020

It has been a couple of weeks now since New Year, and yet we’re still seeing article after article with that trite headline:

“New year, new you” 

When I see this, it makes me madder than a sack of ferrets. I get real writer’s wrath. Why? Let me explain… 

Convincing people that they need a ‘me-makeover’ sells products and services, lining the pockets of some…whilst simultaneously stealing sanity from others. Imagine the internal dialogue that you have with yourself when thinking about this ‘new you’: it’s generally based on the belief that the existing you isn’t quite good enough.

What’s more, new isn’t always shiny or indeed possible, and this acts as a reminder that self-acceptance is a skill we could all do with learning. Acceptance seems to have such negative implications –passive resignation. But accepting who we are with all our foibles is not passive, far from it. Self-acceptance here means to understand, to embrace, to allow ourselves to be just as we are. There’s something very strong and powerful in that.

And this for me feels like a really healthy and mindful space in which to be. Rather than a “New Year, New me” I’m going to simply embrace the person I am. My stance is the antithesis of the headline “New Year, New Me.”

Instead I bring you the end line:

“New Year. More me.”
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